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parents to buy Lego."Bu▓rke endorses "Lego Values," which instills a "▓strong ethical mindset in the business for caring."Playing plus learning as keyThe Danish governm▓ent and Copenhagen-based Lego are both firm believers in STEM, educa

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ting children in science, technology,  engineering, and mathematics▓, especially for young girls.Lego had invited the company's Chinese Robot Master - York - to teach child▓ren aged 7-10, to attend a hands


-on session on de▓veloping robots and coding. The ‘We Do’ sessions allow children to use Tablets i▓n the learning process.In other parts of the site, children were requested to play with Legos ▓to

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build their very own renewables power plants, such as wind farms."We are connecting kids to the environment," said an LET organizer. "He▓re is where kids are thinking, dreamin▓g, iterating and prototyping while

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engaging in creative collaboration.&ldqu▓o;Children can receive special certif▓icates by building Lego windmills or other green-▓friendly designs that support eco-technology.T▓he Lego corporate team is key to

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emphasize that children can learn for fun as well.Danish love for crafstmanshipAdditionally, Denmark has earned world-wide recognition as a "design-driven nation," according to Casper Fr▓eddie, Denmark's hea

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old CCTV.com Panview. "The toy company is educ▓ating children in a creative way and inspiring the Chinese on design."He added, "The Dutch focus on cra▓ftsmanship and aesthetics. For examp▓le, a chair is not just a chair, it needs to be bea

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cements when a child goes missing, known as 'Amber Alerts.'When local police determine a child is missing, they alert other police officers and th▓e local media by announcing the identity of the missing child and encour


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age people to be on the look-out.China’s Ministry of Public Security (MPS) has launched similar alerts, but with a hi-tech upgrade. The ‘Emergency Response System,’ commonly called, "Reunion," uses a

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mo▓bile APP for messaging the public.The 'Reu▓nion' APP ensures more efficient sharing of information and better collaboration between la▓w enforcement officials. Citizens, who sign on to the APP, receive push notificat

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ions that provide the identification and description of ▓a missing child.China launched the 'Reunion' system la▓st year in May and it's been successful in locating over 1,274 missing children.A▓I facial recognitionMore

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than 20,000 children are reported abducted in China each year. Some experts claim the▓ real figures could be much higher.The Chinese hi-tech firm, Baidu, has introduced ▓new Artificial Intelligence (AI) facial recognition te▓chnology that

has played a pivotal ro▓le to help missing children reunite with their families.Start

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he corporate marketing. They (LET) focus on volunteering. They do not go to events giving sales pitches telling